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Tounee Keyboard Cleaner Kit, Electronics Cleaning Kit with Retractable Big Brush

Color: Black

Color: White
Brand: tounee
Material: Sponge
Liquid Volume: 100 Milliliters

20 in 1 Keyboard Cleaner Kit: Tounee's computer cleaning kit offers over 20 accessories, including retractable keyboard brush, keycap puller, shaft puller, air blower, Airpod cleaner pen, flocking sponge, mini soft brush, len brush, earphone case cleaning brush and camera brush, screen cleaner spray, microfiber fiber cloth, head brush, card pickup pin. This phone cleaning kit is also equipped with an extension rod design, catering to the need for longer cleaning tools.
Retractable Brush and Keycap Remover for Keyboard: Effortlessly replace keycaps and clean various keyboard surfaces with the simple keycap puller. The high-density brush is ample and sturdy, efficiently cleaning flat surfaces like keyboards and desktops with minimal effort. The dual bristle brush works on crevices of laptops and keyboards.
Camera Lens Cleaning Pen and Air Blower: Effectively removes fingerprints, dust, and debris that might affect image quality on phone and camera lenses. Compatible with nearly all types of cameras, including digital and film, as well as binoculars, telescopes, and other optical products.
AirPod and Earbud Cleaning Pen: The metal tip effectively removes sticky and stubborn dirt hidden in cracks and crevices. The plush brush cleans dust adhered to acoustic mesh, shallow holes, and cracks. The charging port soft and hard brushes thoroughly clean dust and dirt from deep recesses that are hard to reach with fingers.
Specialized Screen Cleaning Kit for Electronics: It's designed for cleaning, disinfecting, antistatic treatment, and degreasing. Easily remove oil and fingerprints from screens of cell phones, tablets, laptops, indicators, TVs, as well as from eyeglasses, lenses, and camera lenses. The card pickup pin aids in avoiding damage while retrieving cards.

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Is the cleaning solution in the kit safe to use?

Absolutely, our cleaning spray is Alcohol FREE, Ammonia FREE, and Odor FREE, It's safe for both your device and you as a user.

What type of cleaning solution should I use after using the cleaning spray?

You can opt for a liquid cleaner suitable for your device. Some options include Screen Mom on Amazon, an alcohol-water mixture, specialized keyboard cleaners, natural ingredients like vinegar, and electronics-safe cleaning solutions.

Color: Black