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Fanttik E1 Max 3.7V Mini Electric Screwdriver, Precision Electric Screwdriver, 50-in-1 Magnetic Bits, Max 3 N.m, Magnetic Storage, 5/32''Hex, Repair Tool Set for Phone Camera Laptop Watch - Grey

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Color: Grey

Brand: Fanttik
Number of Items: 50
Head Style: Hex
Material: Aluminum
Color: Grey

Aluminium Alloy
【Precision Torque】Equipped with a high-torque of 0.2 Nm and a low-torque of 0.05 Nm, as well as a manual torque of 3 Nm, this delicate electric screwdriver offers accurate torque forces for your handy work needs. Ideal for tablet computers, mobile phones, watches, electronic bracelets, cameras, precision instruments, etc.
【50-in-1 Metal Bits】With 50 bits of 9 categories, the Fanttik mini electric screwdriver can prepare you for a variety of repair tasks. The S2 hardened steel guarantees a long and safe serving life. A good quality tool makes good quality work.
【Everything in A Magnetic Case】Comes with a magnetic case that keeps the electric screwdriver and 50 metal bits orderly in a place. The pop-up mechanism brings you satisfying sensation for every open and close of the case. The chuck and bits are both magnetic for easy attachment.
【Powerful Chargeable Battery】Built with a chargeable long-lasting battery, certified to operate 400 screws for a full charge. The type-C port provides convenient experience. The robust motor has a maximum speed of 200 RPM, makes hard work done with ease.
【What’s in the Box】1x Mini Electric Screwdriver, 1x Storage Case, 50x Precision Bits (see the picture for all bits), 1xTweezer, 1x pry bar, USB Type-C Charging Cable, 1x User Manual

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The Fanttik E1 Max Precision Electric Screwdriver is a must-have tool for the DIY Enthusiast! Simple operation and compact storage system allow you to complete tasks more efficiently. 9 types of 50 bits combined with pry bars and tweezers are suitable for a variety of electronic repair projects!


The LED light will be activated when working, even in a dim working environment, you can clearly see whether the screws are aligned with the holes.

The USB-C charging port is common in popular electronic products and is compatible with most current chargers, making charging more convenient.

How can I see how much battery power left?

When the battery level is below 20% in use, the indicator will rapidly blink red for 5 seconds.

When charging, the indicator will slowly blink red.

When fully charging, the indicator will become solid white.

What's the real torque of E1 Max?

E1 Max has 2 torque settings, the low torque 0.05 N.m and the high torque 0.2 N.m can be adjusted through the rotary knob.

Twist to the LOCK SIGN, the gearbox will be locked, manual mode can be used at this time, max manual torque is 3 N.m

Relationship between the preset torque and speed.

Switching the torque does not affect the speed, but only affects the torque of the screwdriver on the screw.

E1 Max unloaded speed is constant at 200 rpm. The sound produced by rotation has nothing to do with the torque.

What are the applicable scenarios?

E1 Max is only suitable for the repair of Precision Instruments, such as phones, drones, laptops, steamdeck, watch, etc. Not suitable for PC Assembly.

If you need something with larger torque, opt for our S1 Pro Cordless Electric Screwdriver.

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