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3 in 1 Foldable Charging Station for Apple Products,Fast Wireless Charger Travel Dock Adapter&Light

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Color: Black

Brand: Aresh
Connectivity Technology: USB
Connector Type: USB

Color: White
Mounting Type: Tabletop Mount
Total USB Ports: 1
Wattage: 18 watts

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apple watch iphone Air Pods charging station

Light flashing,How to solve?

1. FOD - Foreign Object Detection: Remove metal objects or stickers with magnetic properties between device and charging area.

2. Check Device Incompatibility 3.Remove Thick Protective Case 4.Misalignment 5.Restart your device 6.Use 9v/2a (or above) adapter cable

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The light kept on Flashing when I start charging?

Because Charger will automatically detect foreign objects (FOD), if there is metal or foreign objects, the Light will flash.

Please make sure that there are no metal/magnetic or foreign objects on the back of the phone headset when charging.

Is the charger magnetic charging or wireless charging?

The mobile phone and headset parts of the charger only support wireless charging, not magnetic charging; the watch part is magnetic charging.

Why can't it charge my Air pods?

Please check the model of your air pods, the charging station can charge Air Pods Pro 2 Pro,Air Pods 2/ Air Pods 3(Wireless Charging Case);

But CAN'T charge Air pods 1st/2st (with wired charging case) and Air pods 3rd gen(with Lighting charging case)

How to fix Not Charging or Light Flashing?

1.Device Compatibility 2.Case ≤ 4mm/0.16in

3. Device center on the charging area

4.Reboot device to address potential system issues

5.Foreign Object Detection-No metallic objects or magnetic stickers

6.Use 9V/2A(Or Above) Adapter,reinsert cable

Color: Black