Top Must-Have Accessories for Your Tech Devices

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Our guide has something for everyone, whether you're shopping for a tech enthusiast or someone new to the world of gadgets. Our list covers all the latest and greatest tech products. Don't miss out on the chance to give the ultimate tech gift – check out our guide now.

Charging Station for Multiple Devices - 6 USB Ports


This versatile charging station fits various devices like iPhone 13, iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy S21, and more. With 6 ports, it charges up to 58% faster than 2.0A chargers. Ideal for homes, classrooms, and offices, the station has adjustable dividers for organization. It makes a fantastic gift for smart device users on any occasion.

Colorful Computer Wireless Keyboards

This multicolored keyboard adds a distinctive office touch, with colors that won't fade. Its typewriter-inspired design evokes nostalgia, while each key features a reflective surface. Simply plug in the USB receiver for compatibility with Windows 7/8/10 and Mac. Enjoy a one-year free replacement service and 24-hour support for any issues.

Small Portable Charger

Stylish and unique design with a smooth texture. Upgraded 4500mAh capacity charges iPhone 8 1.5x or iPhone X 1x. Improved built-in Lightning Cable supports thicker cases without removal. Ultra-compact, lipstick-sized for easy portability.

Retro Pixel Art Game

Create pixel art or explore 1000+ designs on the free Divoom app, connecting with fellow artists. Enjoy the 10W DSP speaker with equalizer and pixel art animations, perfect for gaming setups. This gadget brightens your mood at home, with Bluetooth streaming for Spotify or online yoga classes. Use it as a table clock, bedside alarm, or white noise source. 

Sweep & Swipe Laptop Cleaner

This double-sided tool effectively cleans laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The microfiber pad eliminates fingerprints and smudges from screens and surfaces, while the soft brush clears dust and dirt. The retractable brush and storage cover protect both ends when not in use.

Flexible Power Strip

The power strip offers efficient charging in a compact, adjustable design, fitting small spaces and easily repositioned. With widely spaced, twistable outlets, it accommodates various plug sizes without blocking adjacent outlets. Featuring surge and overload protection, it safeguards your devices. Its foldable design makes it portable and ideal for tight living spaces.  

Ultra Mini Portable Projector

The Hollywood Standard DLP projector offers superior LED brightness, color accuracy, and pristine picture quality, best for dark to dim-lit rooms. This palm-sized, lightweight projector fits in handbags, briefcases, or pockets for home, work, or play. It features a built-in media player with speakers, 3.5mm input, and HDMI, USB, and MicroSD connections. Compatible with Android, tablets, and HDMI devices, it's easy to connect and use. Capable of displaying 16.7 million colors, enjoy lifelike detail for games, movies, and slideshows.

Music Bedside Lamp

This touch-sensitive night light features 4 brightness levels, perfect for bedside tables or nightstands. The EZVALO LED night light doubles as a wireless charger for compatible smartphones when plugged in. With Bluetooth 5.0, a 33-foot range, and a 2.0 loudspeaker system, this smart table lamp provides an enhanced music experience. The adjustable 180-degree rotating light bar holds phones, tablets, or e-books comfortably in various positions. Its sleek design in a beautiful gift box makes it an ideal present for friends and family on special occasions.

Fingerprint Door Lock

This door lock features a 360° fingerprint reader with 99% accuracy and a 0.2-second recognition time. It offers multiple unlocking methods, including fingerprint ID, anti-peep code, and mechanical key.

Secure and Intelligent: Made of durable zinc alloy, it supports virtual codes for privacy and includes a battery power LED indicator. Auto-lock, silence mode, and passage mode make it suitable for various settings.

Smart Switch Button Pusher

This smart Bluetooth button pusher easily attaches to various switches and appliance buttons, enhancing your smart home experience. The app offers simple operation within Bluetooth range, and the battery lasts up to 600 days with twice-daily use. Schedule built-in timers for automatic control of lights or appliances. Pair with the SwitchBot Hub for remote control and voice commands through popular virtual assistants. Integrate with other SwitchBot products for seamless automation via the app or API

Air Pen Scanner

This handheld scanning pen scans 3000 characters per minute and instantly displays text on your screen. Ideal for students and professionals, it assists with memorization and reading comprehension. Scanmarker Air's portable design allows wireless scanning via Bluetooth to various devices. Enjoy free software updates, 24/7 technical support, and a one-year warranty.

Wireless Audio Transmitter

AirFly Pro allows you to wirelessly transmit audio from devices with a 3.5mm audio jack, like in-flight entertainment or gym equipment, to your AirPods, earbuds, or wireless headphones. With a 25+ hour battery life and a 10m/33ft range, it provides ample freedom and convenience. Use AirFly Pro to enable Bluetooth on wired speakers, soundbars, rental cars, or boat sound systems. 

EyeVac Home Touchless Vacuum

EyeVac's 1000-watt vacuum instantly removes 100% of dust, hair, and debris from any room with a hard floor. Ideal for pet owners and parents, it efficiently picks up pet food, pet hair, kitty litter, dirt, and more. Equipped with 2 high-efficiency filters, EyeVac cleans the air while removing debris. Infrared sensors detect sweeping motions, automatically activating the vacuum for effortless cleaning.

Cat Toys for Indoor Cats

Boltz, with two powerful independent motors, can automatically run in circles, rotate, move forward and backward, and turns off after 10 minutes. Its various replaceable accessories, like feathers, crinkle balls, flying birds, and charmer toys, keep cats engaged and entertained. Boltz works on both carpets and smooth floors, featuring a 620mAh battery capacity. It encourages cats' hunting instincts and keeps them entertained even when you're away.

Smart Plug Mini 15A

Kasa smart plugs work with Alexa and Google Home Assistant for hands-free control of home appliances. Connect via 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and use the Kasa app for setup and remote controlSet timers and schedules for automatic operation. Trusted by over 6 million users and UL certified, these smart plugs come with a 2-year warranty and integrate easily with voice assistants.

Wake Up Light Digital Alarm

This versatile sleep aid alarm clock features sunrise simulation, 8 natural sounds, dual alarms, and customizable settings. With 14 color changing lights, adjustable LED display, and FM radio, it suits various needs. Use it as a bedside or reading light, offering adjustable brightness for different situations. Perfect for heavy sleepers and children.

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